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The following are a list of articles pertaining to the creation of customized spatial analyses for ecological applications. Although many of the articles contain information specific to programming with ESRI software (ArcGIS) and ArcObjects in Microsoft’s Visual Studio, they also contain concepts that are relevent to all development environments. Some are specific and technical, while others are conceptual and general in their scope.

Accessing raster cell values programmatically: the problem of mismatched data types.
This article explains the cause behind the error message "Variable uses an automation type not supported in Visual Basic", and a way of circumventing the problem (this issue is not specific to Visual Basic). It covers a conceptual information regarding how raster data stores numeric values, and the programming issues that result from this organisation.

How to determine and change the directions (orientation) of complex (multipart) lines.
All lines have a direction that is usually a function of the order in which vertices were entered (i.e. the direction in which the line was digitized). For most applications the direction of the line is not important, but there are times when it is necessary to check or change the direction of lines. This article is a step by step description of how to do this.

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