Hawthorne Beyer

One of the highlights of academia is the opportunity to work with many thoroughly excellent people and groups. My strongest collaborations have been with:


Prof. Kerrie Wilson (University of Queensland)
A/Prof. Jonathan Rhodes (University of Queensland)
A/Prof. Berndt van Rensburg (University of Queensland)
Dr. Jon Hangar (Endeavour Veterinary Ecology)
Dr. Clem Tisdell (University of Queensland)
Dr. Luke Shoo (University of Queensland)
Dr. Ascelin Gordon (RMIT)
Dr. Adreas Ernst (Monash)
Dr. Nathalie Butt (CEED, University of Queensland)
(many others)


Dr. Renato Crouzeilles (International Institute for Sustaninability)
Dr. Bernardo Strassburg (International Institute for Sustaninability)
Dr. Katia Ferraz (University of Sao Paulo)
Dr. Rogerio Paula (ICMBIO)
Dr. Carlos Scaramuzza (Ministry of the Environment)
(many others)


Dr. Morena Mills (Imperial)
Dr. Yann Dujardin (France)
Prof. Dan Haydon (University of Glasgow)
Prof. Jason Matthiopoulos (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Katie Hampson (University of Glasgow)
Prof. Sarah Cleaveland (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Tiziana Lembo (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Grant Hopcraft (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Luca Borger (University of Swansea)


Prof. Evelyn Merrill (University of Alberta)
Prof. Mark Boyce (University of Alberta)
Prof. Subhash Lele (University of Alberta)
Prof. Marie-Josee Fortin (University of Toronto)
Prof. Dennis Murray (Trent University)
Dr. Patrick Leighton (Université de Montréal)
Dr. Daniel Fortin (Université Laval)

United States

Dr. Carrie Roever (Oregon State University)
Dr. James Forester (University of Minnesota)
Dr. Megan Craft (University of Minnesota)
Dr. Jacqui Frair (New York State University)
Dr. Eliezer Gurarie (Washington State University)


Dr. Juan M. Morales (Universidad Nacional del Comahue)

Australian Research Council DECRA Research Fellow

Email: hawthorne -at- spatialecology.com or h.beyer -at- uq.edu.au


ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions &

Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science &

Environmental Decisions Group,

School of Biological Sciences, Goddard Building

University of Queensland

Brisbane, Queensland 4072 Australia