Hawthorne Beyer

In review / submission

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  • Beyer, H.L., de Villiers, D., Loader, J., Robbins, A., Stigner, M., Forbes, N. & Hanger, J. Management of multiple threats achieves meaningful koala conservation outcomes. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Peer-reviewed papers

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Book chapters

  • Bart, J. and Beyer, H.L.. 2012. Analysis options for estimating status and trends in long-term monitoring, in Design and Analysis of Long-term Ecological Monitoring Studies (eds: Gitzen, R.A., Millspaugh, J.J., Cooper, A.B. and Licht, D.S.).
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Public communication / grey literature

  • Butt, N., Beyer, H.L. & Seabrook, L. 2013. Decision Point.
  • Butt, N. & Beyer, H.L.. 2013. Leave it in the ground! How fossil fuel extraction affects biodiversity. The Conversation.
  • Beyer, H.L.. 2012. The Geospatial Modelling Environment (150pp).
  • Beyer, H.L.. 2011. The changing nature of data, questions, and analytical tools. The Wildlife Society Spatial Analysis Newsletter (2pp).
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