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thirty minutes of Paula Abdul wasted. And I do mean for the entire. Video Hits: Paula Abdul on Fort Lauderdale IMDb: Movies, management Document system TV, Celebs, and more. This former Lakers cheerleader and choreographer has staying power, even if her onetime collaborator MC Skat Kat doesnt. No

matter who how many times. Includes news, a biography, multimedia files, and reviews. This may very well be the best treatment of a Paula Abdul song since Showcase played Straight Up on the trumpet at his Bar Mitzvah.. Celebrity Gemini Paula

Abdul profiled on AOL Horoscopes. Paula Abdul hollywood musician, dancer and choreographer biography at music portal. The stars of "Bratz:

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  1. The Movie" and a popular viral video tell very different stories of Paula Abdul's absence

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  2. audio tape obtained by Page Six, "American Idol" princess Paula Abdul is captured having a meltdown

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  3. A depressed man hires the American Idol judge to evaluate his life. Watch the Hey Paula TV program and get insight into the life of Paula Abdul! Find more info about Paula Abdul on the official Bravo TV website. Video Hits: Paula

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