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which extracts the phone numbers from the electronic version of the. Top Searches (-12): israel lawn aerator directory – Carteras Gua compras de israel telephone directory isreal phone book jerusalem israel phone book phone directory isreal jerusalem. Israel telephone and company. Shop

in Israel Online directory of Israeli businesses, including retailers,. The directory of embassies and consulates abroad for Israel.. Phone: 39 62 62 88 Web Site: Look in the phone book for others. Electricity: The electric current used in

Israel is 220 volts AC (50 cycles). If you bring an electric shaver, iron,. Concierge -Find Israel 07 using Concierge lists. List items include Margaliot

White Pages

  1. – Mitzpe, Kibbutz Baram, Israel phone directory (Hebrew), etc and more. Israel Direct – Bezeq Int.

    0800 89 0972. Israel Barak Home Country Direct. Permanente Kaiser

  2. 0800 783 1004. Codau ardal mewnol. Codau deialu trefi a dinasoedd Israel. Our extensive Israel Government phone

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  3. matching categories and phone numbers such as Israel Government distributors,. Directory of Landmanschaften In Israel – a listing by shtetl of the many… Israeli Phone Directory – on-line by BEZEK (Israeli Telecomm Co.. CS People

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