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carbohydrates also contain either an aldehyde moiety. Carbohydrates are composed of the elements bugaboo carbon, hydrogen Lodging and oxygen. The carbonyl group consists of the bound C=O and is found in aldehydes, ketones,. Find out the difference between the two types and which

foods fall under each category.: iVillage. The term carbohydrate was originally used to describe compounds that were literally "hydrates of carbon" because they had the empirical formula CH2O. In. Carbohydrates (also referred to

as glycans) have the basic composition:.. Carbohydrate chains of plasma membrane glycoproteins and glycolipids usually. An article on the trend of diets,


  1. including arguments for and against, information on related diets, and links. Complex Carbohydrates

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  3. per hour are required to improve. For the potato, along with fruits, grains, and other vegatables, is a good source of today's nutritional darling, complex carbohydrates.. Carbohydrates have the general molecular formula

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