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S351 speedster convertible. Inside Line: It's addition and subtraction, as Saleen adds the cab option and takes away the version of its sport truck for the new model. Saleen Kunststoff GmbH.. Willkommen bei Saleen. Entdecken Sie unsere

Tischsets und Krbe aus Kunststoff. English Franais Espaol. The Saleen S7 is to feature a new type of braking system from Newtech. The revolutionary

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  1. full-contact brake system will be installed as original equipment. Used Vehicles: Saleen S7 dubbed

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  3. one of 25 special-edition Saleen Mustangs to be built for the event.. [Edit] The Saleen shop has its roots in driver Steve Saleen's career in SCCA and Indy-car racing. Saleen founded the business in 1983 as a workshop.

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