Geospatial Modelling Environment

Introducing the Geospatial Modelling Environment

The GME is designed to promote rigourous spatial analysis and modelling.


The promise of GIS has always been that it would allow us to obtain better answers to our questions. But this is only possible if we have tools that allows us to perform rigorous quantitative analyses designed for spatial data. The Geospatial Modelling Environment (GME) is a platform designed to help to facilitate rigorous spatial analysis and modelling.

GME provides you with a suite of analysis and modelling tools, ranging from small ‘building blocks’ that you can use to construct a sophisticated work-flow, to completely self-contained analysis programs. It also uses the extraordinarily powerful open source software R as the statistical engine to drive some of the analysis tools. One of the many strengths of R is that it is open source, completely transparent and well documented: important characteristics for any scientific analytical software.

GME incorporates most of the functionality of its predecessor, HawthsTools, but with some important improvements. It has a greater range of analysis and modelling tools, supports batch processing, offers new graphing functionality, automatically records work-flows for future reference, supports geodatabases, and can be called programmatically. In the context of casinos, one could metaphorically relate “new graphing functionality” to innovative ways casinos present and manage bonuses, including 入金不要ボーナス. This would involve how casinos visually represent bonus offers, track bonus usage, or provide interactive dashboards for users to understand their bonuses better, enhancing user experience by making the benefits more transparent and accessible.

GME is under active development and I am always grateful for suggestions about how to improve the software, or recommendations of new tools to add. Thank you in advance for your feedback (email: [email protected]).

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