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convert.tabletolines (Convert Table To Lines)

Creates lines from pairs of x, y coordinates in a table


This tool converts pairs of xy coordinates in a table into to lines (polylines) in a new or existing line data source. The unique ID field of the input table is required so that you can join the line attribute table back to the source table.

This command is equivalent to the ‘Add XY Line Data’ tool in Hawthstools.


convert.tabletolines(in, uidfield, fromx, fromy, tox, toy, out, [where]);

inthe input table data source
uidfieldthe unique ID field of the input data source
fromxthe name of the field containing the from-x coordinate
fromythe name of the field containing the from-y coordinate
toxthe name of the field containing the to-x coordinate
toythe name of the field containing the to-y coordinate
outthe output line data source
[where]the selection statement that will be applied to the feature data source to identify a subset of features to process (see full Help documentation for further details)


convert.tabletolines(in=”C:datacoords.dbf”, uidfield=”LINEID”, fromx=”FROMX”, fromy=”FROMY”, tox=”TOX”, toy=”TOY”, out=”C:datalines.shp”);

convert.tabletolines(in=”C:datacoords.dbf”, uidfield=”LINEID”, fromx=”X1″, fromy=”Y1″, tox=”X2″, toy=”Y2″ out=”C:datalines.shp”, where=”LINEID<1000″);


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