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delimiter (Set Delimiter)

Changes the delimiting character used when reading/writing tabular text output such as comma delimited text files


This tool allows you to specify the delimiting character used when writing tabular text output. Most frequently you will use one of these keywords: COMMA, SPACE, NONE, TAB, SEMICOLON, or COLON. You may specify other delimiting characters literally (e.g. char=.). It is recommended that you avoid the use of any other symbols or punctuation marks. It is probably extremely unwise to use the NONE option, but I have included it here in case there is a need for it I have not anticipated.

This delimiter is also used when reading delimited input files (e.g. the ‘reclassify’ command). If you set the delimiter you should be very careful about using that delimited consistently, or changing it to the appropriate character before issuing a command that uses it.



charthe delimiting character(s) (default=”COMMA”) – normally one of these keyword options: COMMA, SPACE, NONE, TAB, SEMICOLON, COLON





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