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download (Download File)

Downloads files from websites via an HTTP connection


This tool downloads files from websites via an HTTP connection. It is designed to assist with the automation of workflows that require retrieval of data or programs from a website. If the file already exists in the specified destination folder the tool will not overwrite it unless you have explicitly used the ‘overwrite=TRUE’ option. You can optionally also run the downloaded file automatically upon download.

Note that the first time the tool is run it can take several seconds to establish an internet connection, but all subsequent calls will be much faster.


download(url, folder, [overwrite], [run]);

urlthe full URL of the file to download
folderthe destination folder for the downloaded file
[overwrite](TRUE/FALSE): automatically replace a file if it already exists? (default=FALSE)
[run](TRUE/FALSE) run the file after download? (default=FALSE)


download(url=””, folder=”C:tmp”);


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