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genmcp (Generate Minimum Convex Polygons)

Generates minimum convex polygons (MCP's) based on a set if input points


This tool generates minimum convex polygons (MCP) based on the set of input points specified by the user. If a unique ID field is specified, one MCP is generated for each unique ID. If no unique ID field is specified, a single MCP polygon is generated based on all the points in the input data source.


genmcp(in, [uidfield], out, [where]);

inthe input point data source
[uidfield]the input unique ID field (one MCP polygon is created for each unique ID) – if omitted, one MCP is created for all the points in the dataset
outthe output polygon data source
[where]the selection statement that will be applied to the feature data source to identify a subset of features to process (see full Help documentation for further details)


genmcp(in=”C:datasamplepnts.shp”, out=”C:datasamplemcp.shp”);

genmcp(in=”C:datatelemetry.shp”, out=”C:datatelem_mcp.shp”, uidfield=”ANIMALID”);


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