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geom.splitpolysbylines (Split Polygons By Lines)

Splits input polygons using lines


This tool splits the polygon features in the input data source based on the lines in another feature data source. All attribute data in the input table is copied to the output table. If an input polygon is not intersected by any lines, it is written to the output data source without modification. If a split results in multiple polygon fragments, each fragment is written as a new records in the output data source.

The ‘where’ clause can be used to define a subset of line features to use to split polygons. See the ‘where’ section for further details on how to formulate a where clause.


geom.splitpolysbylines(in, line, out, [singlepart], [where]);

inthe input polygon data source
linethe input line data source that is used to split the input polygons
outthe output polygon feature data source
[singlepart](TRUE/FALSE; default=FALSE) if TRUE, forces the output geometries to be singlepart geometries
[where]the selection statement that will be applied to the line feature data source to identify a subset of lines to process (see full Help documentation for further details)


geom.splitpolysbylines(in=”C:dataplots.shp”, line=”C:dataroads.shp”, out=”C:datasplitplots.shp”);

geom.splitpolysbylines(in=”C:dataplots.shp”, line=”C:dataroads.shp”, out=”C:datasplitplots.shp”, where=”TYPE=’HWY'”);


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