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Known bugs, suggestions for improvements, general comments and feedback

Providing feedback

To submit a bug report please check that it is not already in the bug list below. If not, useful information to include in your report is:

  1. the most useful thing you can provide is a small, zipped sample of data that can be used to replicate the problem (if applicable)
  2. the full text of any error messages that were generated
  3. the text of the command that caused the error
  4. comments on anything unusual about your circumstances (e.g. is the input data massive, or on a network drive, or you have restricted permissions to access it?)

I am also happy to hear your suggestions for improvements: either modifications to existing tools or new functionality. To submit a suggestion, please check that your suggestion is not already in the Improvements list below, and please be as specific as possible.

If you have more general opinions or comments you would like to share with everyone, please do email them to me and make it clear that your comments are intended to be public. All comments will be presented anonymously unless you specifically and unambiguously instruct me on how to cite you.


  1. Copy from output window. The keyboard shortcut Control-C does not work when trying to copy text from the output window. Instead, you must right-click the selected text and select Copy from the context menu. I have so far been unable to find a solution to this problem. If you are a programmer and have ideas about how to fix it then I would be interested to hear from you (I have tried PreviewKeyDown and IMessageFilter approaches, but neither work. A stand-alone application works fine, but there is something about a class library and/or an ArcGIS extension that causes this to fail in the GME extension).

Future improvements

Fundamental changes to the design of GME:

  1. A more complete integration with R.
  2. Projection awareness. Include on-the-fly projection changes when working with data with different projections.
  3. Switch to open source GIS engine. In the long term, switch to an open source GIS engine like SAGA, GRASS, or uDIG/Geotools, and make GME open source and cross-platform.

User comments

So far no users have submitted public comments.


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