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Thank you to all the people and organisations who have contributed to the GME project

Peer reviewers

I offer my thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on GME. This is invaluable information to a developer, and it has been instrumental in improving GME. Although I cannot thank everyone by name, I would like to offer my particular thanks to the following GIS professionals who have taken the time to provide extensive feedback and testing of GME:

Charlene Nielsen, University of Alberta


Please email me ([email protected]) if you or your organisation would like to become a sponsor of GME. Sponsors can expect to be given a high profile on the website in recognition for their support.


  1. Anonymous. All patrons remain anonymous unless you specifically grant me permission to list your name here. If you would like to be acknowledged as a GME patron, please email Hawthorne Beyer (hawthorne at with your name and organisation as you would like it to appear below. Please include the amount and date of your purchase in the email so that I can verify your identity.


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