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If GME has been useful to you or your organization then please consider making a purchase to support the project

I have always made my software available at no cost. If you find this software useful please consider supporting the project by purchasing consulting services* that will result in the improvement of the software.


The easiest way of paying for consulting services is via Paypal. Fill in the amount you wish to contribute and press the Buy Now button to be taken to Paypal’s secure payment processing site. This works from any country, but the purchase amount is expressed in US dollars.

Please only enter a number without a currency symbol (otherwise you will receive an error from Paypal).

If you prefer to make a payment via cheque (check) or invoice then please email me (Hawthorne Beyer: [email protected]) and I will communicate with you directly with the necessary details. I am able to conveniently handle these currencies: U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds Sterling, and Euros.

What are you purchasing?

The consulting fee covers my time for researching information (e.g. reading research articles) that could lead to improvements in the software. No specific tangible product results from your payment. If you wish to pay for the development of specific functionality then please email me so that we can develop a formal agreement.

* Why consulting services?

Legally, I am not able to process donations (international law pertaining to the solicitation of donations via the internet is exceedingly complex), and Spatial Ecology LLC is not a tax exempt organisation. I pay tax on the revenue generated from this site. However, as the software is free it is not subject to sales tax. Since I am not selling you a tangible product that you can take delivery of, and as I cannot accept donations, the only remaining option is for you to purchase consulting services.

Best wishes with your geospatial endeavours.

Hawthorne Beyer


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