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import.hadisst (Import Raster From HADISST)

Imports seas surface temperature rasters from HDF format to an ArcGIS supported raster format


This is a highly specialised tool that imports seas surface temperature rasters from HDF format to a raster format that is supported by ArcGIS. This website describes the dataset this tool is targeted at:

To use this tool you should download all of the monthly global datasets you are interested in (that may be several hundred) into a single folder. This tool will process all of the HDF files it finds in the specified folder, import the data to grid format, georeference the rasters, and build the statistics on each raster so that they display correctly.


import.hadisst(in, out);

inthe input folder containing the HadiSST HDF files
outthe output folder for the imported rasters (a new, empty folder is strongly recommended)


import.hadisst(in=”C:datahadisst”, out=”C:dataimported”);


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