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raster.shift (Shift Raster)

Performs a simple x, y shift on a raster dataset


This tool will shifts a raster by the specified x and y distances. This tool is designed as a quick, approximate method of resolving only the most simple raster misalignment problems. Note that for most raster misalignment problems the best solution may be a transformation or more thorough re-registration. The shift distances must be specified in coordinate system units (e.g. meters for UTM, decimal degrees for geographic coordinate systems, etc).


raster.shift(in, shiftx, shifty, out);

inthe input raster data source
shiftxthe x-axis shift distance
shiftythe y-axis shift distance
outthe output raster data source to create


raster.shift(in=”C:datalandcov”, shiftx=15028.5, shifty=-12.4, out=”C:datashiftedlc”);


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