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reproject.raster (Reproject Raster)

Reprojects a raster dataset


This tool will reproject a raster data source to create a new raster dataset. The projection of the input raster dataset must be pre-defined. If you open this raster in ArcGIS, for instance, and the projection is ‘undefined’ then you must use the Define Projection tool in ArcToolbox to define the projection before running this command.

The output projection is specified by referencing a projection definition file (*.prj). See the section on ‘Projection definition files’ for an explanation of where to find these files, and how to create them if you are not already familiar with them.


reproject.raster(in, prj, out);

inthe input raster data source
prjthe projection file specifying the new output projection
outthe new output raster to create


reproject.raster(in=”C:datalandcov”, prj=”C:dataWGS 1984.prj”, out=”C:datalcovrp.img”);


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