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r.setpath (Set The R Executable Folder)

Sets or changes the folder containing the R executable (Rscript.exe) you wish to use


This tool allows you to set or change the folder containing the R executable (Rscript.exe). When GME starts it will search C:Program FilesR for the most recent version of R (specifically, a folder containing Rscript.exe). If it does not find it there it will then search C:Program Files (x86)R.

Note that you can have multiple versions of R installed on your computer. GME should work with any version from R 2.12 onwards (perhaps even earlier versions). If you wish to override the default behaviour of GME you can change the R folder using this command (either in a script, or in the user interface). You may also use the File menu to do this in GME (see the ‘Set R executable folder’ menu item, and use it to navigate to the Rscript.exe file).

Note that the R libraries needed by GME must be installed for each and every copy of R you wish to use with GME (R libraries are not shared among different R versions). It is best to run R as an Administrator to install the libraries. (In Windows XP: use an account with Administrator priveleges. In Vista/Win 7: right click the R icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’).



paththe folder path containing the Rscript.exe file


r.setpath(path=”C:Program FilesRR-2.15.0bin”);


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