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Usage tips

These are some brief pointers about using the GME interface. All of this information is also contained in the PDF help document, but these brief tips are presented here for the benefit of those of you who never read help documentation (quite a few of you as far as I can make out)!

  1. Review the Strategic Command section for a summary of the features that are specifically designed to assist automation of commands and efficient processing of data
  2. Use Tab to trigger auto-completion when typing commands (auto-completion is when the tool will automatically fill in text to save you from having to type it)
  3. Use the Command Builder menu to help you complete parameter values for commands (e.g. to enter dataset path names, supply extent coordinates, etc).
  4. Hold down the shift key and press the Up or Down arrow to scroll through previously entered commands. This command history lets you easily return to a previous command to modify it or re-run it.
  5. Use a text editor like Notepad++ to keep a record of your commands. You fill often find it convenient to copy and paste a previously used command from notepad (where you may only need to modify it slightly).
  6. The red button in the lower left can be used to cancel processing. After you click it there may be a small delay before processing is cancelled because it will only halt processing at points in the code where it is safe to stop without causing problems.


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Tips on how to use this interface efficiently 


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