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Input: a comma delimited text file (CSV)
Output: a new CSV file containing a subset of fields

  • Allows the user to extract a subset of fields from a CSV file
  • Works with very large CSV files (e.g. more than 65536 rows and therefore cannot be loaded into Excel)


  • none

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Getting started. Identify the input CSV file by clicking on the open file button and navigating to the file. Define an output CSV file to create in the next text box. When the input CSV is first selected, the first line of the file is read and parsed to created a list of fields. If the first line of the CSV file contains field names, then the names will be listed. If, however, there is no first line of field names then the data values from the first row are listed instead. Select all the fields you wish to retain by clicking on the check-mark box next to the field. You may preview the first N number of records from the CSV file by clicking on the View button – the data will be displayed in a textbox at the bottom of the form. Press OK to begin processing. You will be notified when processing is complete (note that for large CSV files, this program can run for many seconds or even minutes).

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