Hawth's Analysis Tools for ArcGIS

How frequently is HawthsTools updated?

HawthsTools is an ongoing project. A minor update to the tools may be released approximately monthly, and major updates (new tools) quarterly. There are a considerable number of tools that have already reached the beta level, but due to a lack of time have not been incorporated into the public realease yet.

How do I cite Hawth’s Tools?

The following is the recommended citation. If you need to make minor modifications to it to conform to journal guidelines, feel free.
Beyer, H. L. 2004. Hawth’s Analysis Tools for ArcGIS. Available at http://www.spatialecology.com/htools.

How do I uninstall Hawth’s Tools?

The setup program (htools_setup.exe) that you downloaded and used to install the tools can also be used to uninstall the tools. Double-click this setup program in Windows Explorer and select the option Uninstall Hawth’s Tools. If you do not have this file any more, simply download the installation package again from the Downloads page, unzip it, and run the setup program (it will automatically detect the existing version and allow you to uninstall it. Since there are a number of files associated with this extension as well as registry entries, a manual uninstall of the tools is not recommended.

Why do I need administrative privileges to install Hawth’s Tools?

The setup program (htools_setup.exe) accesses and modifies your computers registry – this can only be achieved with administrative privilges. If you are not an administrator but need to install the tools you can try the following procedure (although this is strongly discouraged because the uninstall program will subsequently not work and you may experience problems if you ever wish to upgrade HawthsTools in the future). In ArcMap go to the Tools menu, then select Customize. On the next window click the Add From File button, and navigate to the file hawthstools2.dll, which is part of the download package. The extension will be loaded by ArcMap.

Why don’t some of the tools work well (or at all) with geodatabases?

Due to a lack of time, I have not had the chance to incorporate the code that is needed to use some of these tools with geodatabases. This revision will come at a later date.

How do I report a bug?

Please email bug reports to [email protected]. Please include as much information about the circumstances in which the error arose as possible (if I cannot repeat the error, I am unlikely to be able to fix it). Very detailed bug reports are likely to be fixed much faster than vague ones.

Are there more tools available?

There are about 20 more tools in the works that are not included in the current public release. If you have specific needs for tools I suggest you email me ([email protected]). Many of these 20 tools relate specifically to animal movement, habitat selection, and other ecology related spatial analyses.

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