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Input: a line feature layer and a polygon feature layer
Output: new field in the polygon attribute table

  • for each polygon, the line layer is clipped, and the total sum of length of clipped arcs is added as a value in a new field in the attribute table
  • the user can specify the new field name to create
  • the user can elect to use only selected line features in the calculation


  • may take a considerable amount of time to run when there are a large number of features in both layers

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Getting started. A line feature layer and a polygon feature layer must be loaded into ArcMap in order to use this tool. Select the line layer you wish to summarise from the drop-down box. If there are any selected features in this layer, you will have the option to “Use only selected features” by clicking the checkbox. Select the polygon layer you wish to process from the drop-down box (you must have write access to the attribute table). Type in a new name for the field to create. Note that the name should be 10 characters or less, and should contain no spaces or special characters (using an underscore is allowed). If you type in a longer name, ArcMap will truncate it to 10 characters if the data format is a shapefile or coverage).

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