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Input: a point feature layer
Output: a line feature layer

  • allow the option of sorting the records by a field before generating paths
  • allows the option of creating many paths based on a unique ID field
  • the paths can either consist of one arc of consecutive segments, or many consecutive arcs
  • when paths are created using a unique ID field, that value is coded in the output table to allow the input and output table to be joined if necessary


  • none

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Getting started. A point feature layer must be loaded into ArcMap in order to use this tool. Select the feature layer you wish to process from the drop-down box. Select the desired path options. If your data is not sorted, select the field to sort the data by. Note that if you have also selected the option to create multiple paths based on a unique path ID field, the data will be sorted first by this path ID field, and then by the sort field. If you are not certain whether your data is already sorted chronologically it is always better to select the sort option. Many databases treat records as an unordered collection of records and for this reason you should always sort your data if it is accessed directly from a database. Note that using the sort option can add considerably to processing time.

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